Commit a Loved One for Mental Health or Alcohol/Drug Addiction

Many times, a person is committed upon request from the sheriff’s office or police department for mental or alcohol and/or drug addiction problems. To request commitment for a loved one on your own, you must visit the office of the Chancery Clerk. No appointment is needed to visit the Chancery Clerk’s office and obtain information on how to file a commitment.

You do not have to be a family member of a person to commit them. You will need to provide the name, address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, list of current medications and medical history of the person you wish to have committed.

The charge for a mental commitment is $143.50. The charge for an alcohol/drug commitment is $143.50. There is also a $35 charge for a summons to be issued by the sheriff. These fees cannot be covered by insurance and must be paid in cash or check.

Once you have requested a loved one be committed, a judge will issue a writ, allowing the Sheriff’s Department to bring your loved one in. Until a bed is available in a treatment facility, all individuals waiting for commitment are held in the Lafayette County Detention Center.

Within 48 hours of arrival at the detention center, your loved one will be evaluated by two doctors. Based on their findings, the doctors will make a recommendation for care.

Committing a Loved One to a Private Facility

If you wish to have your loved one committed to a private treatment facility, the Chancery Clerk needs a written statement from the treatment center stating the patient can cover the fees of the facility and that the County will not be held liable for the fees. Lafayette County does not cover the fees required to commit someone to a private facility.

Committing a Loved One to a Public Facility

Lafayette County covers the cost of treatment for those committed to a public treatment center. The only fees related to commitment to a public facility are the court filing fees.